Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bathrooms finished nearly!

Pictures of the bathrooms finished. The bath hobs need to fixed and tiles need to come out but hopefully not to much work. Overall finish wont change.

Kitchen Finished and Clean

Kitchen from Family Room

Kitchen inside Island

Kitchen Looking from the Dining

Final photos of the fit out!

Well the house has now been finished for a few weeks but they are taking a long time to fix all the faults that not only there own QA picked up but also the additional things that we want fixed.

Few things:
Window are all scratched - glass now has to be replaced on a number of the large windows.

painting - this has quite possibly been other then tiling a very frustrating process as the painter has been now working on it for 5 + months!!!! He is so slow and hates to do the finishing parts.

Painting on all the windows needed attention.

Tiling still a major issue and Bath hobs to be redone for the 3rd time. I also wasn't happy with some grouting

Few lights not working

cabinets needed servicing

Winders on windows needed replacing

concrete from around house to be removed

Balcony to be fixed- we have also found out that Metricon built the balcony with a out of regulation step down so the tiles had to all be ripped up again 3rd time and more flooring put down and then waterproof and tile.

We had this inspection on the 25th Feb. Up until now it is apparent that not much has been done and they have once again wasted another week.

Update from construction Manager tonight is that final QA is booked for next Thursday however we are not confident due to the amount of work there is to still do.

Front door Finished!

Monday, March 7, 2011


Laundry was no problems when it came to the cabinets. We managed to get them slightly altered at the install as our new washer and dryer didn't quite fit due to the room being a little smaller then it was on the plans. Luckily we did manage to have the cupboard cut down a little to allow enough room.

Tiles on the other hand were a problem. They basically didn't do a great job and a few had to be pulled up and redone as they had big lips on the edges.

I put in white tiles above the bench and up to the level of where i will put in additional cupboards above.

We also upgraded the door to a glass wood one to match the rest of the house and give more light to the laundry.

Kitchen In!

The kitchen went in with basically no real problems. The stone we upgraded to 40mm and to go down both sides of the bench and very pleased we did. We also redesigned the island bench to have hidden cupboards on the side facing the dining.

There is a feature laminex above the fridge and on the bench and the remaining kitchen is white.

We upgraded the door to our Butlers pantry to be glass and wood and that will be stained in the dark colour as per windows.

We have had Metricon delete the appliances and i have purchased my own. Got a Miele dishwasher and Ilve oven and cooktop.

bathrooms Started

No Waterproofing on the floor and the wrong tiles on the bath hob. at this stage the floor tiles that were down ( done badly) have been pulled up.

Master bathroom. Again tiles on floor were done really badly. They were ripped up and then the tiler was supposed to wait for waterproofing on the bathhob and floor to be done. Instead the idiot went and put the wrong tiles on the bathhob in this room also. Shower in correct tiles, not great job and no lines match up! made me very angry.

The bathrooms have been a major problem in this house. Everyone building with any builder be WARNED!

Most builders don't waterproof your flooring in the upstairs bathrooms. They waterproof the bath hob and the shower however as most people have no idea about the build process or have access to the house at this stage they dont' realise that builders don't do it. When you have a bathroom upstairs and the flooring is wood you need to have a waterproof membrane to ensure that over time water doesn't get through the tiles and rot out the floor.

So Metricon didn't do it and started tiling the floors. We picked them up on it and then made them pull up all the floors. Then they started to tile the bathhobs without ensuring that there was a seal from the bath hob to the floor - Bath tiles had to come off and well actually they ended up pulling out the entire bathhob. What made this process so frustrating for us was that we told our supervisor many times and even before the grouting had been done he had a chance to fix it but the tiler just continued!!! We really had quite possibly the worst tiler Metricon could find and mind my french but we were dealing with a pack of idiots!

To add icing to the cake they tiled the hobs in the wrong tiles and then none of the tiles were level - over the last few months our bathrooms have been ripped up in parts now 3 times and our balcony tiles have also been ripped up 3 times ! We are not dealing with the bightest tools in the shed that is for sure.

We spent a lot of money on upgrades in the bathrooms and were quite angry and added a lot of stress to our lives however the result while not perfect is not to bad. They will look nice once i can get in and give it a good clean.

Below are some photos of the progress over the last few months

December /January Photos Progress.

Render on pillars has been done. We are not sure about the colour and may change it.

Back view of the second story and the alfresco area. We lowered all the side windows to the floor and added in the big feature window in the stairwell.